Thursday, 19 May 2016

Fu Ying and Settlement of Territorial Disputes

  Fu Ying is the Chairwomen of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress [NPC], a very powerful post. Often described as charming, suave, steely but a consummate diplomat; she was only the second female to have ever become Vice-Minister for Foreign affairs after Wang Hairong; who was Chairman Mao's niece.
*As VFM she dealt with Asian Affairs.
* Fu Ying belongs to the minority Mongolian group having been brought up in Inner Mongolia.
* She has served as China's Ambassador to the Philippines, Australia and the UK and earlier was an English interpreter for Deng Xiaoping.
*On a speaking assignment to the US where she ably put forward China's assessment on current state of Sino-US relations, she also made very pertinent remarks about China's present attitude on territorial disputes.
* This is what she said:
       "China stumbled into the 20th Century with its capital under occupation of Imperialist armies and for over a century China suffered the humiliation of repeated foreign aggression and bullying. That is why the Chinese people are very sensitive about anything that is related to the loss of territory and would never allow such recurrence even if it is an inch of land [emphasis added]. This is something that the outside world need to keep in mind when trying to understand Chinese behavior."
* The Chinese position is thus clear and as our interlocutors negotiating the boundary question have found it is a very hard line position.

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